Details of Philament’s current editorial team are listed on the About page.


All elements of this website have been developed by Chris Rudge. Chris is also Philament’s current production manager.

Founding Editors

Philament was founded in 2003 within the University of Sydney by:

Timotheos Roussos
Samar Habib
Caroline Hamilton
Kate Flaherty
Kieryn McKay
James Smith
Stephen Sheehan
Michelle Kelly

Past Editors and Assistants

Since 2003, many postgraduate academics and scholars have assisted in Philament’s production, including:

Mark Azzopardi
Sophia Barnes
Kate Barnsley
Christopher Black
Bernadette Cantrall
Meegan Capsopoulos
Bonny Cassidy
Jo Chipperfield
Radhiah Chowdhury
Emma Cole
Karen-Anne Coleman
Kate Colleran
Sam Dickson
Robin Dixon
Stephanie Downes
Angie Dunstan
Ariana Grabrovaz
Emma Halpin
Dreu Harrison
Miranda Heckenberg
Shyamalika Heffernan
Jessica Ison
Sue Johnson
Aziza Kuypers
Roberta Kwan
David Large
Alexandra Lewis
Deirdre Linkiewicz

James McLeod
Stephen Mansfield
Patrick Marland
Elaine Minor
Lachlan Montgomery
Alys Moody
Natasha Moore
Robbie Moore
Estelle Noonan
Will Noonan
Julian Pinder
Phoebe Poon
Sabina Rahman
Lydia Saleh Rofail
Jessica Sands
Rebecca Santos
Kirsten Seale
Liz Shek-Noble
Lindsay Tuggle
Lucas Thompson
Jacinta van den Berg
Anna Wallace
Helen Young
Evelyn Corr
Jonathan Dunk