Published June 2007



Editorial: On Surveillance [pdf]

Jacinta van den Berg


From “Bump” to “Baby”: Gazing at the Foetus in 4D [pdf]

Meredith Nash

Whilst ultrasonography has the appearance of enhancing the maternal-foetal relationship, the suggestion that pregnant women should be ‘bonding’ with the visualised foetus is problematic. Meredith Nash explores theS implications both culturally and medically of the proliferation of maternal and foetal surveillance through increasingly technologised interventions during pregnancy.

Morality and Legality in Francis Ford Coppola’s The GodfatherTrilogy [pdf]

Phoebe Poon

Watching films like The Godfather Trilogy demands a degree of self-surveillance from their viewers. Phoebe Poon considers how Mafia films manipulate us to suspend moral criticism against characters that clearly operate outside the bounds of the law, but who appear justified as they abide by a code of familial honour. How far can we resist the enticement of letting down our moral guard?

Presenting the Open Mic: Contemporary Poetry Readings Under and Beyond Academic Surveillance [pdf]

Rachel Zitomer

Zitomer examines two contemporary manifestations of the poetry reading in the United States, the formal poetry reading and the open mic. The former displays a self-enclosed system of surveillance isolated from its public audience; the latter, which refuses hierarchical recognition and preservation, practises a poetry of social engagement.


Editorial: On Documents [pdf]

Robbie Moore

City of Shadows [pdf]

Matthew Allen

This review reflects his broader interest in urban history and what he perceives to be a clash between respectable and disreputable cultures.

7Signs [pdf]

Lachlan Brown

The poem began with seven signs seen on a train.

The Stopover [pdf]

Bonny Cassidy

A poem on private space in temporary quarters.

Footfalls [mp4 video]

Miranda Heckenberg and Robin Dixon

This video work, with music by Robin Dixon, explores the various feelings of being followed. Right click (or Control+click on a Mac) to download this .mp4 file.

Modes of Observance [pdf]

Uli Krahn

A ficto-critical photo essay considering modes and effects of surveillance in past and present, personal and political contexts. Surveillance is presented as a typical rather than atypical aspect of vision, as a more interactive and social process than we commonly assume.

The Smell of Good Luck [pdf]

Meg Mundell

Milk is a Moodie: an architect of atmosphere, hired to ‘tune’ rooms and their occupants to produce particular behaviours. There are elements of art and alchemy in what he does; but there’s also the dollar and what it can buy.

Your eyes are everywhere [pdf]

Dove Rengger-Thorpe

A comic poetic catalogue of the records, forms and certificates that construct our identities.

Palms of Your Hands [pdf]

Beverley Southcott

The artist presents three image combinations of her family’s palms and interiors of a suburban shopping Mall. The works explore the gaze not only through reference to surveillance cameras but also through a playful quotation of the nineteenth-century sublime.


About Excursions Contributors [pdf]