Published December 2007


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Editorial [pdf]

Estelle Noonan


Bound and Gagged: The Performance of Tradition in the Adversarial Criminal Jury Trial [pdf]

Kate Leader

In this piece Kate Leader considers the usage of performing bodies within the adversarial criminal trial, whilst turning our gaze to the body of the defendant. Following on from the work of Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu, she argues that the submission of a defendant’s body to the trial process is unconsciously exploited as a means of manufacturing and sustaining the power of the law.

The Signifying Bind: Sigmund Freud and the Suspicion of the Unknown [pdf]

Hamish McDougall

Amid Freud’s claims for analytic access to the unconscious, a suspicion of the ‘unknown’ emerges as without structure or signification. In fathering an unconscious of “latent ideas” open nonetheless to interpretation, a tension arises between the analysable structure of dreaming and Freud’s original insight of an unconscious as necessarily without consciousness. Is the unconscious incredible, but not impenetrable? This article explores the unformulated limit to interpretation vested in the Unknown.

The Codex Unbound: The (Failed?) Promise of the Hypertext Novel [pdf]

Julian Pinder

This article elaborates how the fate of the hypertext novel, touted by some as the heir to the printed, bound codex, reveals a potential that has largely gone unfulfilled. Pinder examines what role, if any, hypertext literature may play in the wider field of literature, considering how fiction may more successfully move from the print to the digital age and how it may further develop its interactive potential in that transition.


Re-Embodying the Sonographic Experience: A Discussion of Meredith Nash’s “From ‘Bump’ to ‘Baby’: Gazing at the Foetus in 4D” (see Philament 10) [pdf]

Shane Denson

A Philament reader offers a conception of lived embodiment, derived from Merleau-Ponty, as an alternative to Nash’s Foucauldian feminist perspective.

Response to Shane Denson [pdf]

Meredith Nash


On the Occasion of My First Erotic Piercing [pdf]

Joanna Grant

A poem for two voices, exploring kink and perverse desire.

Playing by the Rules [pdf]

Alan Pejkovic

A poetic examination of physical order and subjugation.

Three Poems [pdf]

Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Three poems combining lyrical and experimental modes. ‘The Outer Park’ is a mediation on safety and comfort. ‘The Saved’ compares two survivors’ experiences. ‘The Three Brides’ interweaves three descriptive vignettes.


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