Published February 2016


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Introduction: Whence Terror Australis? [pdf]

Chris Rudge


A Terrifying Spectatorship: Jean-François Lyotard’s dispositif and the Expenditure of Intensities in Steven Kastrissios’s The Horseman [pdf]

Sharon Jane Mee

Mee’s erudite analysis of The Horseman, an Australian film that bestrides the much neglected genres of splatter and exploitation cinema, describes what films of its kind can tell us about the operations of Jean-François Lyotard’s libidinal economy.

Human Warehouses for Marginalised Peoples: The Mundane Terror of Imprisonment in the Indigenous Australian Context [pdf]

Philippa Specker

Philippa Specker’s analysis of a range of contemporary issues related to the hyper-imprisonment of Indigenous Australians thoughtfully surveys the nineteenth-century rationales for imprisonment and their ill-fitting application in today’s political world. Specker argues that Australia’s extraordinarily high rate of Indigenous imprisonment effectively sustains the Commonwealth government’s claim to sovereignty, sidelining others’s interests.


Myxomatosis Dreams [pdf]

Patrick Condliffe

This engrossing narrative returns the reader to the delicate milieu of the childhood home—only to imbue this innocent venue with the trauma of death. Some time after the protagonist’s brother dies, he is reincarnated as a rabbit named “Mixi”—a creature of malice and a symbol familial division.

Weelow [pdf]

D. Bruno Starrs

Weelow is a disquieting narrative about the sexual assault of a young Indigenous woman, Dorothea, and its devastating impact on her life and on that of her friend, Eugene, a navigator of the “White Man’s bureaucracy.”

Untitled [pdf]

Nathalie Camerlynck

The fragmented verses of Nathalie Camerlynck’s short, minimalistic poetry seem to articulate the paranoid thoughts of a dark, freighted mind.


Review of Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot by Tom Butler [pdf]

Michael Potts

Review of Empathy and the Psychology of Literary Modernism by Meghan Marie Hammond [pdf]

N. Cyril Fischer

Terror Down Under? Review of Turner’s Woodsmoke and Smith’s Drag Down to Unlock or Place an Emergency Call [pdf]

Tegan Schetrumpf


About the Contributors [pdf]