Published December 2016

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Editorial Introduction

Facing Precarity [pdf]

Chris Rudge


The Precarity of the Inarticulate: Two Kinds of Silence in Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock [pdf]

Adam Hulbert

Hulbert’s essay draws attention to the many sonic figures in Lindsay’s novel, offering a fresh reading of the precarious fates of the protagonists in this “preeminent weird Antipodean tale.”

The Problem with Identity Politics: Dialogical Interrelation in Rachel Kushner’s The Flamethrowers [pdf]

Blythe Worthy

Worthy’s discussion of Kushner’s 2013 novel offers a timely problematisation of contemporary identity politics; but it also illuminates new ways in which this novel “exposes feminism’s distinctive markings of precarity.”

Beautiful and Sublime Kitsch: Reframing the Prologue to Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia as Avant-Garde Video Art [pdf]

Aleksandr Andreas Wansbrough

Wansbrough’s essay on von Trier’s Melancholia reveals the way in which the film places generic and aesthetic categories into opposition no less than it puts planets on a collision course.


Wildcat [pdf]

Sian Pain

The Red Room [pdf]

Angelina Koseva

Acrocorinth [pdf]

Dimitra Harvey

Salak [pdf]

Mona Zahra Attamimi

Pondlife (a diary of aging) [pdf]

Philip Porter


A Review of Horse Money, directed by Pedro Costa [pdf]

Ivan Cerecina

A Review of The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes [pdf]

Alex Jones

Rehabilitating Social Philosophy’s Normative Criteria: A Review of Rahel Jaeggi’s Alienation [pdf]

Loughlin Gleeson

“All You Need is… ”: A Review of Tina Giannoukos’s Bull Days [pdf]

Tegan Schetrumpf


About the Contributors [pdf]