Published December 2018

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The Peripherality of Optimism; or, This Time It’s Personal

Ben Eldridge


Landscapes and Mindscapes: The Confluence of Modernism and Ecopoetics in Eleanor Dark’s Return to Coolami [pdf]

Kathleen Davidson

“Waking from Dreams of Morning”: City as Critical Dystopia [pdf]

Alexander Sallas

“Damnatio ad Bestias”; or,
Condemnation to Beasts: The Digital as Animal

Lucia Nguyen


The Red Gloves [pdf]

Brooklyn Arnot

Red Snow / 붉은 눈 [pdf]

Megan Buys

A Collection of Altered States [pdf]

Kira Legaan

Sunrise, Sunset [pdf]

Stewart Manley

Prophet of Lies [pdf]

Sydney Nicholas

Mind of a Madman [pdf]


Entropic Being: An Existential Love Poem [pdf]

C. E. Wall

Clumps [pdf]

Isabelle Wentworth


On Tom McCarthy, Satin Island [pdf]

Chelsea Erieau

On Caitlin Sweet, The Door in the Mountain [pdf]

Sydney Nicholas

Contributors’ Biographies

About the Contributors [pdf]