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A few words on Philament Issue 3: Off-Beat

When Philament‘s editors decided on the theme of Off-Beat we were keen to discover what sort of academic articles this would elicit. It was expected that this call for papers would particularly invite articles dealing with American beat writing and poetry, but we had hoped that our contributors would not be limited to this interpretation. Luckily, the material submitted for this issue ranged from the heart of the Australian desert to a reverse reading of “OffBeat” as “beating-off”—take it how you will. In choosing this theme the editors hoped, above all, to foster a space for the marginal, for the obscure, for that which is difficult to profess outside the confines of the acceptable and the expected.

From ficto-biography to extremely personal musings, imagined pasts to near-future wretchedness, each creative piece explores new ways of reading and, thus, of constructing meaning with both written word and image. Some of the works have an internal rhythm which ebbs and flows on subconscious currents, often with surprising results, others fashion sharp or humorously poignant images which explore mental illness, unsatisfying familial relationships, and even current genetic technology trends.