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Boots the Lucky Cat

Michael Internicola

jibby and i used to live in orlando.
we were betting hard on football,
paying matty off thru some bookie in miami.
had this little shit cat we nicknamed boots
who always came around. neither one of us
liked cats but we liked him.
we fed him milk and potato chips.
he seemed into that. i don’t even know if he was a he but he loved hanging
out for the games so fuck it—he was a he.
jib and i lost just about every fucking game
that season and by the playoffs i had to sell the t.v.
just to make rent. come to think of it boots was a jinx.
he was a freeloader who enjoyed being around trouble. maybe that’s why he
fit in so good with us.

Michael Internicola has published both prose and poetry in a variety of print and online magazines. He has completed two manuscripts of poetry, Malism and The Darkest Place Is Under A Streetlight, and three novels, Kiss Me Baby, Sunflowers! Chaz, and All Our Skies Are Blue. He lives and writes in New York City.