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the colours of my flag (if i had one)

Timotheous Roussos

Black for beauty in despair:
silk’s chilly smoothness, raven’s feathers
the grinning skull and hatching bones above a pirate ship
ink-stained parchment, the black of endings
mourning black, lace and satin like a shroud
fanged widow consuming her mate
cauldron soot and clotted roots
black lightning, puma streaking through jungle
black orchid, elegant and fragile
ebony endurance and onyx radiance
dying star, a hole devouring life
hushed moon lurking in the shadows of an eclipse
black sun—black Son, condemned to suffer


Green for hope within reach:
cat’s eye winking in the dark
prickly blades of fresh-mown lawns
raw tenderness, vegetable ripeness
sharp peppers and onions, tart apples and tea
warm-water turtles and cool sunfish
soothing aquamarine, the lulling sea
snakes with hooded eyes, harmless insect-icides
canopy reflection, a feeble protection
flourishing hothouse, green dragon and evergreenheart
fireflies dancing on a summer’s night
emeralds exploding, blooming light
the green of sunflashes, sunrise promise


Blue for the grace of serenity:
blue jay song and heron dance
velvet blue of violets, grapes, blue cheese
spruce trees slumbering in silver mist while
the moon beckons in indigo dreams
sun glaring through cobalt glass
turquoise Shiva and lapis Krishna
the silence of a distant ocean, spiked gold at dawn
whale mothers nursing in a blue abyss
dolphins slicing waves of sky
electric gashes spike looming thunderclouds
blue planet screaming silently in space

Timotheos Roussos has an aversion to flags when used as sacrosanct ultra-nationalist emblems. He likes to think of himself as a citizen of the world and dreams of a future when borders are erased, passports and visas are obsolete, and people are free to be.