Published June 2006



Introduction to this issue: On “Model” [pdf]

Will Noonan


Editorial Note [pdf]

Angie Dunstan


“So Many Speaking Pictures”: Model Characters in Shakespeare’s England [pdf]

Nick Blackburn

In this essay Blackburn investigates critical responses throughout history to character in Shakepeare’s plays as he attempts to create a foundation for modern discussion of those positions.

Crafting Time: Ricky Swallow’s Recent Models [pdf]

Marita Bullock

Through an analysis of the beautifully crafted 1:1 models of Melbourne artist Ricky Swallow, Bullock opens up questions about time and commodity form in postmodern art and culture.

“Life’s a Movie in Which She’s the Star”: Situating and Surveying the Camgirl [pdf]

Kate Mason

The burgeoning cyber phenomenon of the camgirl is explored in light of critical debates about power and sexuality, and notions of imitation, archetype and compliance.


Editorial Note [pdf]

Bonny Cassidy

Nocturne [pdf]

Lachlan Brown

Lachlan’s poem assumes the Romantic nocturne with a sensitive, contemporary awareness.

Equine head in the Nicholson collection [pdf]

Bonny Cassidy

This poem takes as its subject a most remarkable fragment in the University of Sydney’s Nicholson collection.

Alice fell down a hole—Part I and Part II [pdf]

Eu Jin Chua

This piece is comprised of two parts, the first inviting the author to contemplate the subject matter (original visual imagery with non-fiction text) of the second part, an essay. In a wry reflection on a previous architectural project, Chua works through “seduction into deconstruction” and explores how Derridean theory opens Lewis Carroll’s tale to the contemporary landscape.

Representing Time (.avi video)

Miranda Heckenberg

“Representing time” glances at the literal face of time, presenting the paradox of the clock—spanning antiquity with its same, changeless message—as found in the microcosm of one house.

“Where’s my Model?” An Essay about Drawing and Copying the World [pdf]

Uli Krahn

“Where’s my Model?” takes an interest in the topic of Model, Krahn states, thinking of original and copy, models as ideas and virtues related to art. Krahn creates a coherent project of word and image based on the notion that the world stands model to her drawings—and that many images can be drawings, in a way.


Just Act Natural: Models, Mannequins and Muses? Part I [pdf]

Margaret Mayhew

In the first instalment of ‘Just Act Natural’, Mayhew offers a playful, ficto-critical perspective of her experience as a former artists’ model in order to reflect upon the definition of ‘the model’ through six centuries of Western culture and aesthetics.

Temple of Colours [pdf]

Madhu Rai

‘Temple of Colours’ is a touching and vivid account of a visit to Singapore’s first Hindu temple, as much about the experience of the tourist as it is about the displays of faith that are encountered by the author.

Review: Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China [pdf]

Phoebe Scott

This piece reviews an exhibition that recently closed at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. How, Scott asks, do contemporary artists in China address the vast body of artistic culture that has come to be understood as their heritage? What type of agency or even potency is available to an artist in the wake of the Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen Square?

Formed by Forgetting: Reading The Smoking Book [pdf]

Jane Sloan

Sloan reviews Lesley Stern’s The Smoking Book as an intimate companion to her own development of smoking, writing and loving.

The Travel Poem [pdf]

James Stuart

This hybrid poem was originally presented as a new media performance for the Loft Readings, held at the UTS in October 2005. This pdf represents the poem’s (im)material form and contains all images/diagrammatic poems used in the performance.


About Excursions’s Contributors [pdf]