Philament 25: Revisions

26 September, 2019


Over the last year, Philament has been redeveloping its new website in collaboration with Sydney-based web and print designer Elle Williams. We are now excited to launch the website, which features articles and other contributions in both PDF and html (screen-readable) formats.

At the same time, we are excited to announce the publication of Philament 25: Revisions. The volume contains a detailed editorial, three peer-reviewed articles, two poems, and a book review. Many thanks to all contributors, as well as volume editors Ella Collins-White, Jennifer E. Nicholson, and Samantha Poulos for their effort in preparing and developing this long-awaited volume. We anticipate publishing a short run of copies of the volume before the end of the year.

You will see that many articles are currently only available in PDF format. We are in the process of turning all of the past articles into html format, and anticipate finishing this process in early 2020. We hope you enjoy the new website.

—Chris Rudge