Abstract Submissions for Philament 27: “Otherlings”


Call for Abstracts

The call for papers for this issue is here: http://www.philamentjournal.com/news/cfp-27/.

Submission guide

Please read the information about submissions on the Submissions page before submitting work to Philament. All submissions must conform to the submission rules and guidelines outlined at http://www.philamentjournal.com/submissions/.

Due dates

Submissions of abstracts of up to 500 words are due by April 1, 2021. We anticipate final essay-length submissions will be due on approximately July 20, 2021.

Submission form

Please use the form below to submit your abstract. All abstracts will be reviewed and responses will be returned to authors within 3 to 4 weeks after the due date. For any questions, please email the editorial team at philament.usyd@gmail.com.